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About Us

Bruce Bishop designed and printed one T-Shirt order in 1990 for a church youth group event; the following year two more orders trickled in and then things started to roll.  He quickly formed his business “Shurtz-N-Stuff” which he operated under that name for over 10 years.  After financial and rebranding decisions were made, Bruce teamed up with the guys at “Game Time Designs” so he could expand the business and offer embroidery services, as well as quick turn-around time on large orders.

In late 2014, “FleasTees” was born after a decision to rebrand again and change the business direction preparing for an online presence and new growth.  FleasTees still continues to work closely with Game Times Designs and is reaching out throughout Georgia with a few sales reps in various areas.  FleasTees is constantly striving to reach new customers and offer new custom apparel.  Recently, FleasTees has assisted schools with rebranding their sports program, mascots, colors and logos.  This new area is exciting and may soon have a nationwide presence.

Bruce state, “Our business remains successful based upon simple principles”. Those principles include:

1. Great customer services and treating each customer on a personal level.

2. Fair prices and timely turnaround.

3. Free design and in most cases, free delivery.

So just remember, when you need a custom tee – Just call the Flea!


Business Information:

– FleasTees operates under the name FleasTees, LLC and is a limited liability corporation.

– FleasTees operates under a Paulding County, Georgia Business License.

– FleaseTees logo is trademarked and registered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It cannot be copied or used without permission.